Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sorry for the wait...

Hey guys sorry for the wait. It sure has been awhile. As some of you know, I have been in Europe (England and France) and I havent said anything becuase i have been processing it all.
Just for clarifacation, this picture was taken by my friend Beau @ the Eagle and Child in Oxford, England. The Eagle and Child was a pub that CS Lewis and Tolkein often visited. I am in the back and center, in the shadow drinking an alcoholic beverage.
To keep the story short here is what i did all in one sentance and in one breath.
"I went to england after visiting Hillsdale college, toured Winston Churchill's key places, saw museums, went to France, toured all the D-day beaches, went to Paris and came back home."
It was a load of fun and I hope I can do it again. However, while I was gone I did meet some one who I hope and pray I will meet again for an extended time. It was great but it couldnt last due to some distance trouble.
The real purpose of this post is the recent discussion over the new healthcare policy. I would like you to keep in mind that I am only 16 and have been recently in contact with extreme conservatives.
The Republicans and the Democrats have both been acting like children. The republicans complain about Obama's proposed policies saying that everyone is going to die. The Democrats are also to blame due to them calling conservatives unamerican. I would like to point out that the conservatives generally live like americans have lived in the last 40 years and the democrats shouldnt be calling them unamerican and Nancy Pelosi is majoritively at fault for the unamerican comment. The conservatives have made a big fuss over everything which they are entitled to. However, the conservatives I have come in contact with dont have all the facts and yell at Obama for "killing the senior citizens". I sympathize with neither party and being an independant justifies this. I have a personal message for both party readers out there.
For Conservatives: Since most conservatives tend to be christians, according to the bible we shouldnt be too caught up in the goings on of this world. You may have lost the election but dont give up on fighting for your beliefs, but that doesnt mean that you can make a big fuss over everything.
For Democrats: Please use power reponsibly, you do have control of the government but you need to be more representative of the people. and then you will have the approval of the people.

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