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I love Model UN.

I had been appointed the Grimsley Model United Nations Vice-President over the summer and I had no idea what I was getting into. I had talked to Jonathan Storch and we tried to plan out which trips we were going to go on. We finally decided on going to UNC Charlotte for a beginners course for our newer members. I had poured my time into finding lodgings while Storch focused on registration. I realized just how hard it is working with Guilford County and Grimsley on these policies and in the end we had the trip without our superiors supervision. Over countless hours or planning the big day arrived. We left after school and drove to Charlotte, went to the hotel, and went to the college for the first 3 hour session. I represented Vietnam and I was awakened to just how bad international relations are with socialist nations. we went back to the hotel and slept. the next day we geared up for 4 sessions of ruthless diplomacy. It was a long hard time but we made it through the day early because of predicted bad weather for some school zones so we had to leave early to get home before it hit.

I love learning about the diplomatic system and I wish I had more time and more trips to exercise my passion.

We met once a month from September till April.
Model UN Charlotte was a 2 day conference. 
Model UN Part 2
So I now feel comfortable releasing this entry. I am the new Grimsley Model UN president and it has been a chore! I have been in Model UN for about 3 years and never before have I seen so much work that has to go into planning. I have finally got us registered for the Model UN Chapel Hill trip where I will be finally completing my high school dream of representing Denmark in the World Trade Organization. The topics are about anti-dumping disputes, the US-China trade agreement, and NAFTA.

I'm not really sure about how Denmark will take this position, I'm sure that they will come out in favor of NAFTA, due to the fact it is one of the few free financial markets. And I assume that they will also be in favor of the anti-dumping disputes, but I will have to research a little more on their position on the US-China trade agreement.

I feel the need to post the dates for this activity since I feel so emotionally connected to it.
8/19/10 The first Model UN meeting of the year where we held a interest meeting with a surprising turnout of over 40 new people and where our advisor coined the phrase "Ivan's Army".

9/9/10 The second meeting that more accurately described the mission of the group and our population only went down by about 8 members. Not bad.

10/21/10 We went over the rules or attending a conference and there was a conference at Appalachian that I made an executive decision for our group to not go. The price was going to be ridiculous and once we became approved of by the school, they would of required that we take a bus. It wasn't going to work out. the bus alone was going to cost $100 each. Ridiculous.

11/4/10 We had a mobilization meeting to see if we could hold a meeting by word of mouth. it didn't work out too well

1/20/11 The words of confirmation on the Chapel Hill trip was given and I proceeded to register

2/10/11 I held a meeting to get an estimate of how many members were interested in going on the UNC Chapel Hill trip and had only 12 people show up. That's not too bad including the fact that we had about everyone saying that there is someone else left to go

2/12/11 I finally got us registered to go after weeks of trying to register, I finally got it done. I signed up 25 members
Since then I had a ton of issues happen. People dropped out, price went up, more people dropped out. It was a pain in the butt.

We left on April 1st and on the first day we drove down, checked into a hotel, which I reserved. Ben Tan and I left early to register, which I had paid for and then the other fees. We had one session that night, and we pretty much set up our positions. I was in the World Trade Organization and our first topic was the Anti-dumping dispute, largely on the points of the US-China trade dispute. We reached no conclusion so far but we left the session that night with a pretty good idea of what was going to happen. We returned to the hotel where we slept that night and we woke up refreshed and ready to go.
The rest day we spent in committee and we passed a few resolutions, had a few crisis', namely around OPEC inflating the amount of oil they actually had and the creation of RTA's (regional trade agreements). We broke for lunch, and caught up with everyone else. I had spent most of the time training first time people in my committee so I knew I wasn't up for an award. we met after lunch a passed a few joke resolutions since we had already passed a resolution that encompassed all of the aspects of our topics at once. The bill was extensive, but the section about the management of RTA's was my doing and I held up the bill in committee.
We went home for the night since a few people couldn't stay for Sunday, but the next morning only 3 people returned. We returned to Chapel Hill and we had a blast! Steven Buccini won a verbal commendation and I was so proud of him. GRIMSLEY HIGH SCHOOL, the only high school participating in Model UN in the state, was up for 3 awards for 2 delegate awards and best small delegation. This had never been accomplished under past management, and I was extremely proud. It was certainly my last hoorah.

Model UN has certainly taught me about world politics and I had set up my world connotations from this. When I joined my sophomore year, after that year's MUNCH, I had made up my mind as to what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a diplomat, and my resolve has been unwavering.

Cliff Notes-
Action- I was in leadership for 2 years, planned 2 trips for the Grimsley Model UN, served as delegates for Vietnam and Denmark, learned global politics.

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