Upward Basketball

I have spent the early months of winter working at the Snack Shack for Upward Basketball at Trinity church on Friendly. the upward program works with young children to teach them how to play basketball and learn religious principles found in Christianity. i worked every Saturday from about 11:00 am to 3:00 pm working as an assistant manager and cashier. i have new found respect for those in food service. the sheer speed and memory powers are amazing! i had to take orders repeat them and calculate the money they owed me and the amount i owed them in change. i learned about marketing and advertisement. in one week we made over 750.00 dollars! all the money we made went straight to Greensboro Urban Ministries and the church covered the expenses. I learned so much and I appreciate all the work my fellow "employees" put into it.

I worked every Saturday in  the months of January and February.

So its a new season and this year all the proceeds go to the youth group missions trips. I will be participating in the High School youth trip to Nicaragua to help a young church in poverty by building houses. I cant possibly afford to go alone so the money is to be split up among the people going either on the instate or out of state trip. This year I was a manager and cashier since I had been hired by Lowes Foods and I know how to work a register. I had to work less, but still it was ok.

I worked every Saturday from 9 till 4 since I had to go to work afterwards.

Both years, I served as assistant manager, which also includes advertisement and sales. I was in charge of the creative aspect of making deals, and designing fliers and slogans. The most notable of these would be the tip jar, which was my idea and I designed it even thought it met it's unfortunate fate as a pile of broken glass. The idea would be the customer would have change left over and place it in the jar, which would go straight to the charity, and wouldn't go to costs of running the Snack Shack. I was also credited with the Surfin' Bird special, which included 2 hot dogs, and a small soda for $2.50. This boosted sales and making the elaborate announcements and crazy catch-lines really jazzed people up!

Cliff Notes-
Creativity- Advertisement and Sales
Service- Profits were for Charity or Missions trips.

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