Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So im writing a book now. its actually kind of weird. I have been having so many dreams lately about so many possible books/movies. here is the one im currently writing on.

it involves Prince Fibonacci Giovanni Mussolini the 3rd of Morsael who escaped a military coup when he was 6 with his parents and is raised in new york city as an upper class citizen. he is 17 and his parents tell him of a arranged marriage that had been arranged for him and a princess from Terravida, Princess Roxanne Severo. the book will consist of love, betrayal, espionage, and the trials of modern day royalty.

the second one i had a dream about was a story that scared me to death when i dreamed it but i thought was freakin awesome when i thought about it.

Adrian Gray is called to italy to assist his Uncle Raffaello who suffers from a severe new kyphosis called Quasimodo's disease (due to its severality)and is around 65. Adrian has never seen his uncle before and all he knows about him is that he is a painter. when he meets him his art students are working on a portrait in a cathedrale and they point him out as the man in the wheelchair. his legs are very frail but his arms are massive. one of the students messes up and Uncle Raffaello flips out and smashes a can of paint amongst the wall and the course of the book involves Adrian and Uncle Raffaello working on the paining. there will be a love interest but im not sure what the names or relation will be. maybe a art student under him. possibly with postural kyphosis.

BTW: kyphosis is the disease where hunchbacks are named from.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

update on life

IB program is getting annoying now. In one weekend alone, i worked on 5 different things. Oral Presentation for TOK, Capozzi's project, EE outline, IA paper, and IDS. (I HATE IDS).

my EE topic question is "What influences did George Berkeley's Immaterialism provide to the fledgling world in the 1700's?"its an OK topic for a philosophy paper.

My IA topic is "In what ways does mary shelleys Frankenstein exhibit aristotleian entelechy towards an answer to the question what does it mean to be human?"

my love life hasnt gone any further if not slid farther back. i dont really care tha much though

i have been so busy it doesnt matter. i have noticed other appealing people besides the girl i mentioned in one of my earlier blog entries. the only issue is that i dont thing they have seen me or acknolwledged my advnaces. oh well.

my interest in music has picked up significantly. i have been listening to some Billy Joel and Queen. they are pretty good, but all i want to do is to have someone ask me to play a little bass with them. playing bass alone is boring.

i fear that i might be kicked out of IB. i hope not. i dont want to go to western.

what do you guys think i should write about? post a comment on this one and i will write about it.

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