Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Help to the Speaker

Ill get back to the other thing later.
so my life has been a little bit crazy. I have started school, become the vice president of Model United Nations, i have a drivers license, and so much more.
Ok. has anyone ever listened to a song and thought it would make a great scene in a movie musical scene? i have that happening to me a ton.
for example, i was riding the bus at 4:45 this afternoon and i was listening to "March of the Black Queen" by Queen. good song. but for some reason my mind quit reading the book i was reading and went on a musical journey. I was in a lunch room and people were talking to me like they were tryingto set me up on a date and all of a sudden Malika was walking in the room wearing an all black dress and the guys were telling me to follow her and pick up a spear and a sheild and fight for her. weird.
I met a girl. well met isnt the right word. Typical boy meets girl story. Boy meets girl in geometry freshan year. ignores her. sees her everyday on the way to class sophomore year. thinks he should of said something last year. Sees her this year and cant stop thinkingabout her. He talks to her this year. Her best friend hates him. The girl talks to him and they get along well. they get along so well they talk to each other till 2 in th morning in facebook but rarely speak to each other in public.
Yeah. like i said. typical. its an odd thing. everytime i listen to The Police, i think of her. i have no idea why. any way.
If you guys want me to have a musical vision, post a comment with a song title and the artist.
I often find myself being the hopeless romantic. i have all the skills but have only a problem starting. but im getting better.
The beatles apreciation day has passed and i celebrated by only isteningto beatles music and wearing my abbey road shirt. currently i am into the police. its all cool for now.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thoughts on the Existence of God

Most people live their day to day lives not thinking of their being or meaning of existance. They let others people do the thinking for them. Nowadays, i find that thru television and video games and even music, our meaning of life is driven into us and we simply accept their word for truth. and not only the meaning of life is given to us, but what to believe. Is evolution the only way i can come to be? What happened to god?
I had an interesting conversation with an old middle school aquiantance on facebook. He sadi he was going to school for spirit week on character day as Satan. i asked him why and he said that he didnt believe in god and so he doesnt beleive in satan either. Since ihad been studying the socratic method in my IB Philosophy class and i decided to continue the conversation. I asked him some questions in a supportive manner and he answered that he was atheist (a up and coming religion of the modern world). our discussion moved on to how the earth was created and he answered the evolution theory. but in the end the overall agreement was that it takes just as much faith to beleive in the evolution theory as it takes to believe in a god (i have to give credit to my father for this one.).
I have come to the conclusion that god must exist. Why do you ask? just pick a position.

Here are my thoughts, not to be considered truth to anyone but myself. I believe the judeo christian god created the heavens and the earth with order and terms for man to undrstand in complexity. He created one of every species, including humans. As time progressed, continental drift occured spreading out the animals, whom dinosuars were among, but the dinos died due to the flood according to noah. with continental drift, the animals were subjecgt to adaptation/evolution and formed new species according to their needs. I personally am a christian deist. I believe that god was once involved in the affairs of man and constantly withdrew himself due to corruption amongst humans. he sent jesus as his last physicall/visual time amongst humans. he left the HS to help if asked for. BUt he left the world alone after that. This results in my belief that christians need to stop praying so much and not doing anything and start trying to make a difference without coming off as jerks.

I appreciate the comments, keep'e coming. i like a working brain

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