Monday, June 8, 2009

So here I am again. My favorite song now is "All My Loving" by the Beatles.

So as of today I am officially 6 foot 6 inches. Yeah that was a little unexpected and I exceeded the height chart they had at the doctors. I had 1 hepatitus A shot, 1 Tetnus addidtive shot, and they dd blood work so my arms hurt. I did my Beatles presentation project at school today and got a 96. thats ok, but i got to give my props to Kelly for her wig project. So I was thinking about the other day in English Class. I was drawing like I normally do when I have nothing to do and there was this girl that sits in front of me named Tyler Gail who was our class president this year. Well I admired her integrity and her politically conservative demeanor and I felt kind of guilty about saying that earlier I would love to move to Alaska if Palin wasnt Govenor there. So I decided to draw her and a cartoon picture of her expiramenting on a new technique I was practicing. So I finished it in 45 min. and I showed it to her. It was a wonderfull composition, probably the best i had ever done in that style and she looked at it and laughed at it. I went to an art club and showed them the picture and they were all admiring the work I had done and said whoever i drew it for should be ecstatic over a wonderfull piece of art. it felt really bad. Dont you hate it when you do something that comes deep form the heart for someone you care about and they mock it and rub it in your face? i do. I got a Chemistry exam tommorow. Bye.


  1. Don't worry bout dubs, shes a nub. Lol, im still jealous of your grade. But i can live with a B. Maybe martineau will round it up .6?

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