Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Friends

My favorite song is The Unforgiven by Metallica for this week
So was thinking the this morning about my yearbook i bought earlier in the year and just received on monday. I flipped through the book recollecting old yet recent memories. I wondered about my friends; my REAL friends. not just the people wanting something from me or is in a friendship for the rewards. So this is a list of all the people who I believe are my real friends and why. (not in any order of preference or favoritism)

Kelly Henrikson- she always supports me with constructive criticism even when i dont want any and listens to the crap I continually expel from my lips.

Bia Maltby- He may be short but he is a fierce fighter for God and I consider him my peer.

Grant Matthews- If i ever had a problem and was very emotional I would call him and not be afraid to sheda tear. I cant believe we arent related!

Derek Matthews- He is the other part of Grant, and the exact opposite. He is hyper and very social and is a great person to chillax with. Hammer Time!!!

Stella- Although I have a personal thing for asians, I think we have a tight bond a sophomore and a freshman. She is an amazing artist and I look forward seeing her everyday. I cry at the fact I wont see her at all this summer or next year. I love being around her.

Ryan Peachy- He is my man. My homeboy-not-from-the-hood. We are tight.

Kevin Cave- He may go to Page (for those of you who live under a rock, Page and Grimsley are arch-rivals), but he is the man at basketball

Push/ Pdeb- He was there for me when I first started highschool and this year he is a senior and I will miss him so much. I can only hope to repay him by driving his brother to school next year as a Junior.

Ben Tan- I was his camp counselor during summer vacation and he is the man who always hit his head on the cieling when I called his name. Not because hes tall, but because he slept on the top bunk in a low drop room.
Nikhil Umesh- Even I constantly tell him I'm going to kick his ass, I secretly envy him and he has set a goal for what I wish to acheive acedemically. He has helped my study for tests at the last minute and expected nothing in return except for what to look for on the test after I take it.
Stephanie- She taught me how to draw anime. sort of.
Steph- She deserves a huge shout out. She got me into Model UN and reminds me and ecourages my enthusaism for my country. Denmark!
The list may grow but those are the overall people who come to mind and I hope if you saw your name on here, that you would comment on it. PLEASE. Or at least tell me you liked it


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  2. hey ivan!
    its me stella! guess what? i finally visited your blog! & thanks for mentioning me above!


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