Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mr. Underdemeciated (a.k.a Mr. Underappreciated)

Hello. My name is Mr. Underdemeciated. If you dont understandwhat that means then here is the explanation. In the movie Bedtime Stories, Uncle Skeeter tells his neice and nephew stories that come to life. The first story he tells is about himself and calls himself Mr Underappreciated and his nephew couldnt pronounce the word appreciated and called him Underdemeciated. So he changes is name to Sir Fix-a-lot.

I am Mr Underdemeciated because I work hard for little or no payoff, do it without complaint in hopes of the best, and try to do it with a cheerfull attitude.

Working hard is the first part of being Mr Underdemeciated. That means that You work to the best of your ability doing usually mind-numbing tasks for little to no payoff. For example, I regularly work for Mosaic church setting up chairs for the congregation and doing odd jobs around the place such as setting up the slide screen, ushering, teardown, and pretty much that kind of stuff. I only recall 2 people ever thanking me, EVER. That is a wonderfull man named Mr. Maltby, who regularly thanks me, and Mr. Kim who occasionally thanks me. And for that I gratefully thanks them. And by doing hard work I am often given more tasks to complete becasue I am trusted to do what I do. Or as Wolverine puts it "My names Logan, and I am the best at doing what I do."

Not complaining is another major role. By not complaining you are a pleasant person to be around and by not complaining people can trust you do do other things without making a big mess of things. If I were to complain, people would probably not ask me to do stuff anymore or some people would make me work harder and try to knock out the complaining. And by hoping for the best, it makes the work much easier. For example, set up chairs silently and hope by doing so I would be noticed and moved on to a more gratifying task such as playing a tiny part on bass in the worship band. I am also trying to start up a band of my own; looking for patrons!

By completing tasks with a cheerfull attitude, you are more likely to gain attention and be moved up if needed. Although it doesnt help if your father finds all your faults and no one ever notices.
Its nice to be noticed and its pleasing to be recognized for all your hard work, but just keep in mind that if your not a mr. underdemeciated, than you are no help to a cause, for its the underappreciated who keep things running and if all underappreciatted left, than everything would fall to ruin. So. Are a Mr. Underdemeciated?

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