Monday, May 18, 2009

"All You Need is Love"

Hey there. This is the first installment of the Ivan Siler Blog and please dont laugh at it.

So. I am a regular Beatles listener and often find myself in the positions the songs are based on.

My top 5 songs (not in any order) are Blackbird, Help!, All you need is love, Helter Skelter, and Magical Mystery Tour. I like them but my top 5 are constantly changing.

I was wondering the other day if that was really true. "All you need is love" I mean that if all you need is love than nothing else matters. Does a job matter? A home? Family?

Here is a first hand experience. In February, I had a special someone, who's name wont be revealed, who I wanted to ask out, but unfortunatly I had my little friend called inferiority complex try to change my mind. So I decided on writing her a poem after a failed one-on-five confrontation. All I can say is that it didn't end well. Now if all I needed was love, then I would of won the girl got married and everything would be fine and dandy, but it didn't. Not to say that the "all you need is love" theory is incorrect but it works under certain circumstances.

Now if Person A likes Person B but B doesnt have any love for the person than it is doomed to fail and the "AYNIL" theory is proven wrong. However, If B likes Person C and C can return the love in a equal or higher quantity than the relationship will work.

G= geek
B= beauty
N= Not conceivable

B= beauty
H= handsome

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