Friday, August 21, 2009

Fitting into a Stereotype

my favorite song this time is "I've got my mind set on you" by George Harrison

For most people, they dont have trouble fitting into roles modern-day televison has set for us. The nerds can only be interested in RPG's, comic books, and Star Wars. The jocks can only be obsessed with sports, scool rivalries, and beating up the dorks. (I want to be clear about something first, nerds, geeks and dorks are completly different. Nerds are smart, geeks are obsessed about one subject, and dorks are somewhere in the middle). Those are a few of the major stereotypes but here are some more now found in highschool.

Cheerleaders- preppy girls and sometimes gay guys who are self-centered and often date the jocks
Jocks- sports-oriented and beat on the rest of the stereotypes and date the cheerleaders
Otakus-the group mainly focused on all things japanese. manga, anime, video games from japan. you name it
Band Geeks- not to be confused with orchetstra geeks. these people focus on music classical.
Orch Geeks- not to be confused with band geeks. thes peole are focused on classical music
Nerds- these people focus on all acedemics and nothing else
Geniuses- not to be confused with nerds. thes people are smart but still have time for ohter activities
Metalheads- thes guys not only like metal music, but live and breath metal. Not punks although very similiar and friendly to each other
Goths- May lik metal music but not focused on music. dark and gloomy due to terrible experience
Punks- anti-establishment and for rebellion, but fun to hang with. cigarettes, alcohol, and sometimes pot are present.
Artists- spend their time drawing in class andare friendly to otakus
Rockers- Rock and roll all the way. not hard core like metalheads but more open to aother forms of rock. generally anti rap
Skaters- close to punks minus the music and add some boards
Gays- i dont want to talk about it but they are there
Rappers- generally made up of blacks but white guys can be present.

those are the basics but there are a ton more.

But why is it some of us cant fit into these stereotypes. for example, me. I dont really fit in with any of these groups (especially the gay category), and yet they all get along with me. I am an artist, rocker, otaku, genius, and yet i can appreciate the other groups. I appreciate the intricate art of metal, the rebellion of punk, the spirit of the cheerleaders, and pessimism of the goths. but how is it that people still have such a hard time fitting in?

most people put themselves in stereotypes and clubs so they have a sense of acceptance. Others to have a place where they arent criticized by others for their gifts and talents. But most people and myself wonder, where do we fit in?

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